Songs inspired by
The Stories That Shape Your Life


Aptly-named, Citizen Of The World have developed a sound that finds itself untethered and free. Formed by singer-songwriter Gerrit Gmel in his hometown of Lausanne, Switzerland, the now four-piece band are based in the frontman's adopted home of Sydney, where they have spent the past six years developing into one of the city's premier live acts. As with all of Citizen Of The World's best work, their latest EP Window To Your Mind is bursting at the seams with emotion and energy – capturing the band's distinct personality in a handful of finely crafted songs.


Sincere and heartfelt, Citizen Of The World evolved from a more folk-based sound to fully-fledged modern indie, as world touring and growing capabilities fuelled their hard work and ambition. Their first singles How Far We've Come and Setting Out displayed thoughtful songwriting as well as a knack for pop hooks, increasing in sophistication with the release of the Memories In My Head EP. Showing constant progression without abandoning their core sound, Citizen Of The World have grown more unique with each song they have written.


Simply put, Window To Your Mind is the band's finest work to date. Led by 2018's powerful Free To Go, the EP conjures an authentic sense of grandeur with its delicate-yet-powerful instrumentation, the heartfelt vocals of Gerrit Gmel, and an abundance of hooks sewn throughout. The band confidently balance the right amount of cheer and moodiness, creating a sound that is beautifully shaded and multidimensional. Epitomising this musicality and energy, Deep Blue Eyes is a perfect siren to the deeper waters of Window To Your Mind.


As a live act, Citizen Of The World are capable of stripping their songs back to intimate acoustic versions, or delivering them in full flight. Deep Blue Eyes is no exception. Produced by Rob Bruce at The Grove studios, Deep Blue Eyes is triumphant where Free To Go was forlorn, highlighting the band's increasing versatility as songwriters. Looking forward to 2019 as a year of performing and touring, Citizen Of The World are excited to unveil Window To Your Mind, then take this swag of new songs to the stage and truly bring them to life.